Jaw Surgery


we strive to provide high quality orthodontic treatment while maintaining the utmost standards of safety, efficacy, and customer services Dr. Mark and Dr. Zach Truman and their highly trained team of orthodontic specialists will work with you to design a treatment plan that perfectly fits your needs. We pride ourselves in offering cutting-edge orthodontic treatments, whether that includes traditional braces, orthognathic (jaw) surgery, and Invisalign in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

Las Vegas Jaw Surgery

While many bite problems are the result of problems with tooth alignment, occasionally, a bad bite can come from misaligned jaws. This means that the bony bases supporting the teeth are not properly positioned relative to each other, causing the lower and upper teeth to fit together incorrectly. The orthodontic term for this is a “skeletal discrepancy,” and it can cause problems like underbite, overbite, crossbite, or jaw asymmetry.

In severe cases, skeletal discrepancies can cause poor facial balance, which can affect aesthetic appearance as well as mouth function. In this case, patients may need a surgical correction of the jaw to position them properly and achieve proper facial balance.

In almost all cases, orthognathic surgery will be supplemented by more traditional orthodontics. To ensure an effective treatment, we must make sure the teeth fit together perfectly when the jaw bones are reset, which means every patient getting surgery will have some amount of orthodontic treatment prior to surgery. In addition to prepping the teeth for surgery, the brackets on the teeth allow the surgeon to use miniature elastics to hold the jaws closed during healing. Once the jawbones have healed completely, the braces are removed to reveal a brand new, beautiful, healthy smile.

While this is one of the most complicated orthodontic procedures and requires a full team to accomplish it, it’s also one of the most effective as jaw surgery produces the most dramatic improvements in facial appearance. Before undergoing treatment with us, Dr. Mark and Dr. Zach Truman will go in depth with you to find out the best type of treatment to cater to your unique needs.


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