5 Signs You Should Call Your Dentist

In addition to brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, standard dental practices dictate that we conduct dental check-ups twice yearly. But in between those visits problems can arise. How do you know if that pain in your tooth is a sensitivity or the beginnings of an abscess?  If you lose a filling, can you wait a few days before fixing it? This article will give you the top five things that could happen to your teeth [...]

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Does Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth Really Work?

Tooth sensitivity, or “dentin hypersensitivity” can happen throughout your lifetime. That’s when a hot or cold food, or even the cold winter air, can make your teeth ache. This is a very common occurrence, and the best way to fix the problem is with toothpaste designed to combat the problem. This article will look at toothpastes for sensitive teeth. How do they work? Are they safe? What causes the teeth to become sensitive, to begin with? How can you take [...]

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Can Allergies Make Your Teeth Hurt?

Even though we live in the desert, there are plenty of people that suffer from seasonal allergies this time of year. Sneezing, sniffling, and runny noses are all common, as the over-the-counter remedies are flying off the shelves. But there is one uncomfortable symptom of seasonal allergies that you may not even be aware of; allergies can make your teeth hurt. Here are some of the unexpected ways allergies can be a pain in the jaw this summer. Common Allergy Symptoms Affecting [...]

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Can Cough Syrup Cause Cavities?

During cold and flu season, many of us reach for the over-the-counter cough remedies to get through a rough bought with the coughing, sneezing, and wheezing that comes from viruses. But a spoonful of cough syrup is typically full of sugar. This article looks at some of the common ingredients you might not think about when you’re hacking away with a flu bug. A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down Today’s most effective cough syrups actually are full of [...]

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Packing a Healthier Lunch for Your Child

There’s a problem with a lot of the typical lunch goodies that go into a lot of children’s lunches these days; they’re often full of sugar. While the school cafeteria usually dishes up something hot, many times it is also carb-laden. If you’re trying to get your child to eat healthier, it is often better to take the time to pack them a lunch. That may be a less expensive option, too. But picking the wrong items to pack [...]

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Retainers for Smile Protection

Getting your braces off may feel like the greatest day of your life. That is until the orthodontist suggests you wear a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting out of alignment. Don’t feel bad; this is the last hurdle before completing your orthodontic adventure. This article will explain how retainers work so that you can understand their importance and how they can protect that smile you’ve invested so much time and effort into improving. What’s a Retainer and Why Do [...]

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How to beat bad breath

Halitosis is awful. What’s even worse? You may not realize you have it. Halitosis is bad breath or an unattractive odor that emanates from the mouth. While bad breath can be common after eating onions or garlic, real halitosis is persistent even after brushing and rinsing with mouthwash. What’s the Cause of Bad Breath? It’s not really the cavities or eating stinky food or even gum disease that’s the real culprit of halitosis. The real problem is bacteria – and your mouth is [...]

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Living with braces part 2 – How do I keep these things clean?

We’ve tackled the sticky issue (get it?) of what not to eat with your new braces. Following the rules related to avoiding big chewy bites, sticky caramel, or even corn on the cob, will help you keep your braces clean. We already understand that some of these rules don’t necessarily apply to the clear Invisalign trays, which can be removed for eating. But say you have traditional metal braces, which are still the most common types out there. When you first get [...]

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Living with Braces Part 1 – What do I eat?

Eating tootsie rolls when you have braces is a bad thing. Actually, eating tootsie rolls is always a bad thing if you’re trying to stay healthy. Come to think of it, people that are trying to stay healthy actually eat a lot of the same things we’re going to recommend for our patients with braces. If you’re a new patient with braces, whether they are Invisalign or metal braces, this article will tell you what you should eat – and what [...]

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Dental Health for Teenagers

Have you talked to your teenager about their teeth lately? We know it might be a struggle to get your teenager to listen to you sometimes but we also know how importantit is to them to look good is at that age. That’s why it’s important to check in with your growing teenager about their oral health. Studies tell us it’s a crucial time for dental hygiene; the CDC says dental decay really takes hold during the ages of five and 17. We’ve [...]

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