What’s The Difference Between Metal Braces and Invisalign?

We know getting braces for you or your children or for yourself is a big decision. Our patients have all kinds of questions about the process of straightening the teeth with braces. How long will it take? Will it hurt? Which type of braces is better for you? One of the most common questions we hear is what is the difference between traditional metal braces and the “invisible” braces, called Invisalign? We thought it might be helpful to cover the [...]

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How to Keep Your Braces Clean

Brushing and flossing with braces on can be challenging. We know this! But that’s why Dr. Truman’s team is standing by to help with any glitches you may experience after your braces are fitted. We can teach you tricks that will help maintain a healthy, clean mouth before, during, and after your orthodontic treatment. This article will help you learn to keep your braces, teeth, and gums clean. How will you floss with traditional braces? Can you use an [...]

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What Types of Braces Can I Get

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, braces are a great tool for straightening teeth, improving how your jaws work together, and, most importantly, making you look and feel like a million bucks. Truman Orthodontics specializes in providing the most state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments to patients of all ages. This article will look at the types of braces we offer and the pros and cons of each one.   Braces in Henderson and Summerlin The American Dental Association (ADA) says that orthodontics is [...]

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10 Best Foods to Eat if You Have Braces

In our last article, we looked at the foods you should try to avoid when you have braces. You may be wondering what you can eat. Don’t worry, this article will look at some of the foods you can eat that will help make cleaning your braces, teeth, and gums less of a hassle. Generally, start thinking about your favorite soft foods, those that aren’t too sticky, or too tough to chew. Any foods that can be rinsed away with [...]

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10 Worst Foods to Eat if You Have Braces

Metal braces can be annoying when it’s time to eat lunch or dinner. Especially at first, when it can feel so frustrating to have to change your eating habits. But if you don’t be a little more cautious about those sticky foods you love, you’re going to have a hard time keeping your braces clean. Sticky foods like crunchy peanut butter can get little pieces caught between the wires and brackets of your braces. Since keeping your braces clean [...]

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Retainers for Smile Protection

Getting your braces off may feel like the greatest day of your life. That is until the orthodontist suggests you wear a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting out of alignment. Don’t feel bad; this is the last hurdle before completing your orthodontic adventure. This article will explain how retainers work so that you can understand their importance and how they can protect that smile you’ve invested so much time and effort into improving. What’s a Retainer and Why Do [...]

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Sports and Braces

One of the first questions we’re always asked, whether it’s a child, teenager, or adult, is whether they can still play sports with their braces. The answer is always, “Yes, but with some precautions.” This article will help you understand how to protect your braces – and yourself – from injury while playing sports with fitted braces. Do This One Thing to Protect Your Braces During Sports Here’s the good news: With a little-added protection, your braces will be fine. Traditional metal [...]

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Invisible braces? Ask Dr. Truman!

No matter your age, everyone deserves a nice, straight white smile. While traditional metal braces have been straightening the teeth of adolescents and adults for decades. But now there are other teeth straightening options that are more cosmetically appealing. We’re talking about Invisalign braces, the clear custom-made trays that function much like the old-school wire braces of the past. This article looks more closely at the Invisalign product and the types of situations where it offers an alternative to traditional [...]

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Am I too old for braces?

The U.S. News & World Report tells us that there are around 1.5 million adult orthodontic patients in the United States and Canada. This statistic would seem to suggest that you are never too old to have a white, healthy, smile, free from crooked teeth. This article looks more closely at the things to consider if you are an adult seeking to straighten teeth or correct your bite. Comfortable Braces – Not an Oxymoron The art and science behind orthodontics have come a [...]

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Can teenagers have invisible braces?

Being a teenager is hard. Bullying and teasing at that age is almost a “normal” part of the adolescent high school experience. The last thing a lot of teens want to do at that age is stand out. Unfortunately, orthodontics in the form of braces can cause a big change in appearance, which is easy to notice. That’s why we often field questions about “invisible” braces for teenagers. This article looks at the options for a type of braces that [...]

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