10 Best Foods to Eat if You Have Braces

In our last article, we looked at the foods you should try to avoid when you have braces. You may be wondering what you can eat. Don’t worry, this article will look at some of the foods you can eat that will help make cleaning your braces, teeth, and gums less of a hassle.

Generally, start thinking about your favorite soft foods, those that aren’t too sticky, or too tough to chew. Any foods that can be rinsed away with a light swish of water are great. Over time you will come to appreciate how much easier just changing your diet a little will help you keep your braces clean.

10 Foods You Can Eat with Metal Braces

The following foods will not only help you keep your mouth cleaner – even with braces on – but are pretty healthy, as well. These are foods you can eat a lot of without having to worry about cavities or excessive weight gain. We like these foods because not only do they help take care of braces, they help take care of you. That’s a top priority, as far as we’re concerned.

Here are our top 10 foods to eat with metal braces:

  1. Beans that have been softened by cooking.
  2. Bread that is soft, such as tortillas (soft), biscuits, muffins, or pancakes.
  3. Dairy foods including soft cheese or yogurt.
  4. Eggs, cooked any way you like them.
  5. Fruits that are soft, including oranges or grapefruits, strawberries or bananas.
  6. Grains like pasta noodles or rice.
  7. Meats that are easy to eat, such as shredded soft chicken, lunch meats like turkey, meatballs, and more.
  8. Seafood like crab cakes, tuna, or salmon.
  9. Sweet and delectable items like fruit smoothies, ice cream, pudding, and fruit juices.
  10. Vegetables – but not the crunchy kind. Cook carrots until they are soft, for example, and cut the corn off the cob before you eat it.

Are you starting to come up with ideas for other foods that didn’t make the list? Good! Just remember, contact Dr. Truman’s team if you have any questions about what foods will make your life just a little easier with braces. If you stick with this regimen, you may even be able to get your braces off a little sooner than we thought. Here are some tips that might speed up the process.

Can I Get My Braces Off Faster? 

Keeping your braces clean and your mouth clean is the first step that might help speed up the process. Following the rules around what to eat and how to eat it, could also help. Another trick would be to keep your fingers out of your mouth. Try not to bite your nails, which can push your teeth out of alignment. Never play with your elastics or any other part of your braces. Also don’t chew on pens, straws, or anything else. Believe it or not, these little things can push your teeth out of alignment and slow down the process of correcting their alignment!

Dr. Truman and the team are standing by with encouragement and advice. Call us with any questions you may have!

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