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Invisible braces? Ask Dr. Truman!

No matter your age, everyone deserves a nice, straight white smile. While traditional metal braces have been straightening the teeth of adolescents and adults for decades. But now there are other teeth straightening options that are more cosmetically appealing. We’re talking about Invisalign braces, the clear custom-made trays that function much like the old-school wire braces of the past. This article looks more closely at the Invisalign product and the types of situations where it offers an alternative to traditional [...]

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How to beat bad breath

Halitosis is awful. What’s even worse? You may not realize you have it. Halitosis is bad breath or an unattractive odor that emanates from the mouth. While bad breath can be common after eating onions or garlic, real halitosis is persistent even after brushing and rinsing with mouthwash. What’s the Cause of Bad Breath? It’s not really the cavities or eating stinky food or even gum disease that’s the real culprit of halitosis. The real problem is bacteria – and your mouth is [...]

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