Can teenagers have invisible braces?

Being a teenager is hard. Bullying and teasing at that age is almost a “normal” part of the adolescent high school experience. The last thing a lot of teens want to do at that age is stand out. Unfortunately, orthodontics in the form of braces can cause a big change in appearance, which is easy to notice. That’s why we often field questions about “invisible” braces for teenagers.

This article looks at the options for a type of braces that are, in fact, virtually invisible.

Invisalign for Teenagers  

Invisalign braces are one of the biggest improvements to come along to orthodontia in a decade. These clear plastic aligners are trays that fit over the teeth. The aligners are changed out every few weeks as they gradually straighten and reform a smile.

The entire point of Invisalign was to create an orthodontic procedure that was less invasive than the traditional metal braces experience. While metal braces have continued to improve and grow more comfortable over the last decade, the invention of Invisalign for parents and teenagers was truly revolutionary.

Here’s how they work:

  • First, you consult with the Truman Orthodontics team to determine if Invisalign is a good treatment option for you. It’s possible that these invisible braces may not work for your particular situation. Too, the cost is higher than metal braces, so it may not be the right choice for all families.During this visit, we will discuss your situation and treatment plan and make a recommendation that includes all the options available to you.
  • Armed with this information, your orthodontist will go back and map out a customized treatment to follow to straighten your teeth or correct your bit. Your first set of Invisalign aligners will be shipped to our office, and you will return for the first fitting and a discussion of how to take care of your teeth, the aligners, and what to expect during your treatment.One of the benefits of Invisalign braces is that they can be removed for eating, flossing, and brushing your teeth. But to stay on track, you must wear the covers for 20 to 22 hours each day. As you wear the custom-fitted trays, the pressure will gradually reshape your teeth into a brand new smile.
  • Throughout this process you will come in for refitting’s of new trays and check-ups to be sure the process is working properly and that you are comfortable. You’ll start to notice results throughout the process, as your new smile gradually starts to take shape. Invisalign braces were clinically and scientifically designed to fit within the parameters of your life with a minimum of fuss. Most patients adapt well to these less-invasive and unobtrusive corrective orthodontic tools. At the end of the process, your teeth will be as straight as they would have been with metal braces.

Again, Invisalign braces might not work well for certain types of orthodontic goals. If you have a teenager that needs braces, bring them in and we can discuss all of the options available to fit your situation and budget.

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