Living with braces part 2 – How do I keep these things clean?

We’ve tackled the sticky issue (get it?) of what not to eat with your new braces. Following the rules related to avoiding big chewy bites, sticky caramel, or even corn on the cob, will help you keep your braces clean. We already understand that some of these rules don’t necessarily apply to the clear Invisalign trays, which can be removed for eating.

But say you have traditional metal braces, which are still the most common types out there. When you first get them you may get frustrated trying to figure out how to keep them clean. Don’t worry our team is standing by to help you adjust. This article also will help you understand what changes to expect related to oral hygiene as you start your journey with braces.

Keeping all that Metal Clean

Flossing and brushing every day is even more important with braces. But it will take a little longer, simply because you also have to take care of the brackets, lingual brackets, and bands that make up traditional braces.

For flossing, you can use orthodontic floss that is designed specifically for braces. This type of floss has a stiff ended floss threader along with a wider, spongier type of floss that will help you reach under the appliances and between the teeth. Make sure you’re flossing at least once per day – your orthodontist can show you the right way to accomplish this.

Before you start to brush, depending upon your dentist’s instructions, you may have elastics or other removal parts of your braces. You can hold your brush at a 45-degree slant to clean all the pins and wires on your braces. Start at the top and work your way down and take your time to make sure everything is clean. We recommend focusing for a second on each individual tooth, on both the inside and outside.

At the end of the process, rinse your teeth with mouth rinse or water and look at your teeth and gums to be sure you haven’t missed anything. Also, keep your eyes peeled for any wires that look broken.

You will regularly visit the Dr. Truman and his team during the course of having your braces. We inspect the progress of the tooth straightening at every visit and look at how you’re doing on your oral hygiene. That’s a great time to discuss any pain you’re having, or get expert tips on what to eat or how to care for your braces.

No Pain No Gain – Braces are Worth the Effort

The effect of braces lasts a lifetime. There is not a single person – not even one – that says having braces is not worth the effort. We know you are committed to this process and our team is standing by to help in any way we can. Braces can be uncomfortable, but patients end up adjusting well to the discomfort, and modifying their lifestyle and eating habits for the short amount of time it takes to straighten their smile. If you’re ready to talk about braces, no matter what your age, we’re here to help.

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