Advances in Braces

If you’re old enough to remember the silvery metal “train tracks” of braces when you were a kid, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve come a long way over the years.

Today’s modern braces are more comfortable and less bulky than they’ve ever been. Advances in the cosmetic appeal of Dentistry appliances have allowed even “invisible” braces to straighten your teeth.

Let’s look at how braces have improved from the old days of “metal mouth” to today’s more appealing options.

From Brace Face to Invisible Orthodontics

We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years. The American Association of Orthodontics says that adults are seeking braces in record numbers. Today, Orthodontists are treating more than 5.8 million Americans annually.

Seeking straighter teeth dates back to early human kind; fossil records show Ancient Egyptian’s filled cavities and sought to straighten teeth. The good news for you is that modern dental appliances have very little in common with the wires that have been found on Egyptian mummies.

Today we know that braces are about more than straightening teeth. Research has shown us that straightening the bite can help you avoid a whole host of jaw, ear canal, and sinus issues.

The new model for braces includes custom orthodontics that is much lighter than what you remember from being a kid. Braces now require less metal and don’t need the metal ties for the arch wire across the teeth.

Today we have ceramic braces, which are a great option instead of metal braces. While the wiring is similar to metal braces, the material is made of ceramics and is certainly less noticeable – it can even be tooth colored.

We even have clear aligners called Invisalign. They work with a series of clear removable aligners that change over time, pushing your teeth gradually into alignment. The clear trays are created by computer images of your teeth and designed specifically for your unique situation.

Some of the other advances in modern orthodontics include:

  • Palatal expanders that help widen the jawbone and improve the orthodontic outlook, particularly in preteens.
  • Anchorage appliances are implanted titanium anchors that go into the bone allowing orthodontists an alternative to the old school headgear that we used to wear.
  • Spacers are designed to do exactly that – provide additional space between your back molars. Orthodontic spacers are made out of metal or rubber bands. They allow more room for installation of your orthodontic braces.

These are just some of the advances you’ll find at Truman Orthodontics. If you’re unhappy with your current smile, or are having problems with your teeth and jaw, come in and sit down to have a discussion about your options. We have a variety of improved treatments in our modern state-of-the-art facility with a caring dental team. Contact us today – we can help.

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