8 things you need to know before getting braces

Making the step towards braces can be a little scary. You’re worried about the cost or if they might hurt. If the braces are for a teenager, you might be worried that they’re not responsible enough to take care of them.

We’ve found the right information can make all the difference. We’ve compiled eight pieces of information that will help inform and prepare you for this big step.

Braces R Us – Healthy Smiles are Right Around the Corner

It’s not just cosmetic — crooked teeth are harder to clean, and can misalign the entire bite structure of your mouth, causing problems with the jaw and mouth later on. So, if you’re thinking about braces for you or your child, here are eight things that may help you decide:

  1. Braces are for every age; not just teenagers. Thanks to modern dentistry improvements, braces can be much less noticeable than what you may remember from childhood. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy and strong, you can have a straight white smile.
  2. Braces go beyond straightening teeth; they’re not just a cosmetic fix. Braces can fix a bite problem that may have been causing you pain. It can also fix jagged teeth that may have been troubling you.
  3. Orthodontists specialize in bite and teeth alignment. While they are like your regular dentist, they also are experts in how the teeth function in your mouth and how to fit braces and align your teeth.
  4. Invisible brackets may be right for you – but they may not. Everyone wants his or her braces to not be noticeable; we get that. But those types of braces may not be suitable for your particular situation. That’s why it’s important to consult with your orthodontist to find the best treatment for you.
  5. The cost of braces varies, but they can be expensive. Dental membership plans and insurance may pay for part of your child’s braces. Depending upon what you’re seeking, the cost and payment options depend on a variety of factors. Your consultation will include discussion of these options.
  6. It typically takes two years or less to properly straighten even the most crooked teeth. The exact amount of time depends on your unique situation.
  7. Once you start on a course of treatment, it is not advisable to switch dentists. Before treatment begins, make sure you’re comfortable with your orthodontist and committed to the full treatment plan, which will take some time.
  8. The last tip to share is the one we are asked most often: Will my braces hurt? This is a hard question simply because there is a level of discomfort associated with braces, but how you perceive it varies by the individual. Some people experience pressure and aching after an adjustment of the wires. Some people experience mouth sores. Some people are amazed at how little discomfort there is. The good news is this discomfort goes away as your mouth adjusts. So the honest answer is, “It depends.”

Truman Orthodontics is in the business of straightening and aligning your teeth. We believe everyone deserves a clean healthy white smile. No matter your age, if you’re unhappy with how your teeth look, contact us. We’re here to help you look and feel your best!

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