Adult Braces – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

According to toothbrush manufacturer Oral-B, 20% of the people who wear braces these days are adults. That’s a little surprising because most of us associate braces with adolescence.

But some adults never had the opportunity to have their teeth straightened when they were kids and had to live with a crooked smile or a malformed bite. Today there are new products on the market that have eliminated the old “metal mouth” look we associated with growing up. Today’s orthodontic techniques are more comfortable and depending on what you choose, can be virtually invisible.

As adult ages, their teeth can shift. Injury or tooth loss can cause spacing issues that could lead to jaw pain. It could be harder to keep their teeth clean. Or, perhaps they’re starting a new career and would like to give their smile a makeover. No matter what helped them finally decide, adult orthodontic patients now benefit from the latest technology advancements that simply weren’t available when they were kids.

The only drawback is that most insurances plans will not pay for adult braces.

Top Reasons for Adult Braces

Based upon case files of real adult patients, we’ve come up with the top reasons for adults to seek braces at Truman Orthodontics:

  • To correct shifting teeth. Even if you had braces as a child, your teeth can shift as you age.
  • To line up crooked teeth. We treat patients who are so uncomfortable with their smile they are reluctant to share it. We are especially proud of our patients who take the brave step to correct their smile with braces.
  • To make it easier to keep teeth clean. It’s always harder to floss and clean crooked or tightly packed teeth. Straightening the teeth helps fight tooth decay and gum disease.
  • To correct bite issues and eliminate jaw pain. These are more serious issues that many adults have lived with for years. Sometimes the braces are part of adding a crown, implant or bridgework.
  • To have a prettier smile. We believe every adult should have straight teeth and a clean, white smile. For many adults, this is particularly important to their self-esteem.

These are some of the most common reasons we see adult orthodontic patients at Truman Orthodontics. But what are some of the dental options most of these patients select?

Options for Treatment – Invisalign

Whether a child or an adult, many of our patients elect for the virtually invisible orthodontic aligners called Invisalign. They are the alternative to traditional metal braces. This product is made from clear plastic, clipping tightly onto the teeth. You can remove Invisalign for eating and to brush and floss.

Invisalign works by applying careful, consistent pressure to your teeth to shape them into alignment. Periodically throughout the treatment, you will replace the old aligner with a new set, gradually changing the way your teeth fit together. For younger patients whose molars haven’t come in, the aligners are designed to hold space for the molars to grow.

The bottom line is this – if you’re an adult living with a crooked smile, you don’t have to. We recommend a private consultation with the talented team at Truman Orthodontic to discuss all your options for creating the perfect smile.

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  • Ridley Fitzgerald Reply

    It’s good to learn about adult braces. I love the fact that they can still correct shifting teeth, just like with teens. I never had them when I was younger, so I may get them now, just for a better smile.

    January 25, 2018 at 9:28 pm

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