Why You’re Never Too Old For Braces

We know; when you think of braces you think of eight-year-olds, right? It’s certainly a common sight in elementary and middle school after the 12-year permanent molars have erupted and the baby teeth have fallen out. That’s the perfect time to correct overbites, crowding, or spacing issues that can cause problems later on in life.

But what if you’re a working adult that never had the benefit of braces when you were a kid? You’ve dealt with a mouthful of misaligned teeth all your life and the truth is that they’ve made you less than comfortable with your smile. Now you’re finally at a place in your life where you can afford to treat yourself to the smile that you’ve always dreamed about. But is it too late?

Adult Braces – A Perfect Smile is for Everyone

Truman Orthodontics can create a beautiful smile for every age. It will please you to know there is no age limit on orthodontics; we often treat adults as well as children. The only requisite is that your teeth and gums are healthy. Today, thanks to modern dentistry, people are keeping their natural teeth longer than ever before.

As a result, we’ve seen our practice expand, with an increasing number of adults seeking orthodontic care. Adult patients seek treatment for all kinds of reasons, including the one we talked about in this blog. Other reasons include:

  • Their general dentist refers them because their teeth are increasingly hard to clean or are wearing out quickly because of a bad bite (malocclusion).
  • They may need more room in their mouth to allow for other dental procedures, like an implant, to occur.

Many times our patients are retirement age; they have the time and the income to devote to fixing a smile that’s been secretly troubling them for many years.

What to Expect – Adult Orthodontics

Adult patients have many of the same options as children or teenagers. There are some treatments, such as expanders instead of extractions, that cannot be accomplished, and correction overbites with headgear won’t work like it does with patients who are still growing.

With adults, we discuss their goals for the procedures they’re seeking, the process, and the costs of these procedures. Many of these adults are seeking full braces, and the majority asks us about Invisalign. Invisalign are clear teeth straightening devices that complete the same function as metal braces by gradually moving teeth into alignment. These clear braces slip over the top of the teeth, and you wear them, at a minimum of Why You’re Never Too Old for Braces

Contact Truman Orthodontics today to discuss all your options – no matter what your age, you can benefit from our state-of-the-art practice!

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