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Brushing, Flossing to Maintain Good Hygiene

Brushing  Utilize a toothbrush with delicate swarms and a little segment of fluoride toothpaste. When you brush your teeth, move the brush in little, round movements to achieve nourishment particles that might be under your gum line. Hold the toothbrush at a point and brush gradually and deliberately, covering all zones between teeth, amongst supports and the surface of every tooth. It will take you a few minutes to altogether brush your teeth. Look over the lower teeth, down on [...]

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Adult Braces – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

According to toothbrush manufacturer Oral-B, 20% of the people who wear braces these days are adults. That’s a little surprising because most of us associate braces with adolescence. But some adults never had the opportunity to have their teeth straightened when they were kids and had to live with a crooked smile or a malformed bite. Today there are new products on the market that have eliminated the old “metal mouth” look we associated with growing up. Today’s orthodontic techniques are [...]

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Why You’re Never Too Old For Braces

We know; when you think of braces you think of eight-year-olds, right? It’s certainly a common sight in elementary and middle school after the 12-year permanent molars have erupted and the baby teeth have fallen out. That’s the perfect time to correct overbites, crowding, or spacing issues that can cause problems later on in life. But what if you’re a working adult that never had the benefit of braces when you were a kid? You’ve dealt with a mouthful of misaligned [...]

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Do Braces Hurt?

The most common question we hear from patients of any age is, “Will my braces hurt?” The answer is generally, no, but there is some soreness after each adjustment. Let us walk you through this step-by-step. The retractors are the metal tools used to hold your mouth open and your tongue down when you’re fitted for braces. It might be a little uncomfortable but it doesn’t actually hurt. It’s more awkward than anything else. Next, the conditioning, rinsing, drying and tooth sealing process is absolutely [...]

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Top Three Questions Parents Ask About Orthodontics

When a parent brings a child to see our team, they are often full of questions that range from how to prevent cavities with nutrition to the cost and process of getting braces. Truman Orthodontics is committed to making every visit a positive experience and we always do our best to answer every question you may have. We’ve compiled the top questions and answers about childhood orthodontic treatment here in one place for your convenience. We recognize these common Q&As [...]

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Where Did Braces Come From?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, braces were worn prior to 400 BC! Back then it appears that catgut supplied the bands around teeth that were designed to straighten them. We have definitely come a long way in orthodontics! Today’s teeth-straightening products are more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than ever before. Let’s look at some of the interesting history of the traditional “metal mouth” braces and learn how we made it to today’s “invisible braces.” Who You Calling Brace Face? History [...]

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“But Mom my Teeth are Fine” Why Visit an Orthodontist – Even When You Don’t Have Dental Problems

Have you talked to your teenager about their teeth lately? We know it might be a struggle to get your teenager to listen to you sometimes but we also know how importantit is to them to look good is at that age. That’s why it’s important to check in with your growing teenager about their oral health. Studies tell us it’s a crucial time for dental hygiene; the CDC says dental decay really takes hold during the ages of five [...]

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