Back To School With Braces

Now that summer is fading away, it’s that time of the year once again when parents and their kids are starting to prepare for the start of the new school year. Las Vegas orthodontist, Dr. Mark Truman and his staff want to offer some advice for making your return to school with braces a pleasant and fun experience. Here are some tips to help you care for your braces while back at school.

Remember to Eat Only Braces-Friendly Food

When you had your braces placed on your teeth, we gave you a list of foods you need to avoid that can damage or break your braces like hard, crunchy, sticky and gooey foods. It’s important to remember to steer clear of these types of foods and snacks so you don’t have to come into our office to have your braces repaired or replaced.

Take Along a Braces Survival Kit

It can be very helpful to carry along a braces survival kit that includes all the supplies you’ll need to care for your braces in one convenient place. Your braces care kit that you received the day you got you braces on works great for this and you can keep in your backpack or locker. You will need a toothbrush & toothpaste, a proxy brush for those hard to reach areas, and dental wax. Then after eating lunch, you can step inside the restroom and brush your teeth. The dental wax can come in very handy if and when a wire or bracket is causing you some discomfort.

Wear a Protective Mouthguard While Playing Sports

It’s important to wear a protective mouth guard when playing sports, especially if you’re wearing braces. A mouth guard can help prevent serious injuries to yourself and damage to your braces to protect that beautiful smile while having fun! There are special mouth guards available that are made specifically for people wearing braces. You can easily find these mouth guards online. Brands to watch for include ShockDoctor and UnderArmour. Just be sure that the mouth guard you buy fits well and makes it easy for you to speak and breathe.

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Truman Orthodontics is a leading provider of Las Vegas adult, teen and kids braces. We hope all our patients have had a great summer and wish those of you who are heading back to the classroom good luck in the 2015-16 school year! For more information, please contact us at (702) 500-1112. To schedule an appointment with us, give us a call or fill out our easy online form.

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