April Is National Facial Protection Month

A Reminder From Your Las Vegas & Summerlin Orthodontist

This month, the nation’s top six dental and orthodontics associations have joined forces to remind everyone just how important protective gear is if you are engaging in sports this spring. When it comes to dental injuries, sport related activities account for an estimated 39% during the spring months! That’s a whole lot of trips to the dentist and orthodontist. A simple way to limit your risk of oral injury, especially while undergoing orthodontic treatment, is to always wear protective facial and mouth gear, such as a mouth guard, when engaging in organized or recreational sports. To help limit your risk of sports-related injuries, here are a few benefits of wearing a mouth guard, courtesy of your Las Vegas & Summerlin, NV orthodontist!

Mouthguards Should Be Worn At All Times While Playing Contact Sports

According to the Academy For Sports Dentistry, approximately 12 million people aged 5-22 years old suffer from a sports related injury every year. This many injuries results in an estimated 20 million lost days of school and about $33 billion in healthcare costs. With the simple assistance of protective facial gear, a lot of these injuries could be prevented, meaning a lot less missed school days and a lot less money spent. If you play sports while undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is crucial that you protect your mouth and jaw.

Helmets, Masks, & Face Shields

Your brain and skull are two of the most important body parts to protect when it comes to playing sports. Helmets, masks, and face shields can absorb a lot of the impact and lessen injury from the direct contact of another player or any object, such as a puck or ball. Without the necessary protective gear, your skull, brain, jaw, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) are at risk of serious damage.

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We hope that our tips and tricks have helped guide you in how to keep your face, jaw, and mouth protected while playing sports. If you have any further questions about how to avoid dental injury, or National Facial Protection Month, give our office a call. If you are need of braces, schedule an appointment by contacting us or filling out our easy online form today. Have fun and stay safe throughout spring sports season!

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